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GRAVCOMM The Newest Community Concept



Regular Activities and Internal Action Plans


Coffee Club

Bonding the gravcommers by forming the Casual Meetings – with a cup of coffee.


Gravcomm events divide into two categories

  • The events that held for commercials purpose and
  • The other is the one that held for social intention.

Those events could be a Gravcomm owned events or other party events held and organized by Gravcomm.


The terms outing refer to the out-bound activities for Gravcommers integrity to the bound itself.
Strategy for above program
Aimed target
Organized as project
Focused to raise integrity, interactions, and satisfactory levels

Gravcomm Trading House

Link and network database management.

  • Business Trade Program

Members priority – Effluence opportunity

  • Resources Group

Automated Segmenting & Classification
Mutual benefit Operation System

  • Art & Design

Empower art & design workshop program
Members priority – for Industrials Waste optimizing

  • Consulting

Management’s Empowerment Program
Members priority – for business/ companies empowerment


Internal Action Plans


  • Secretary Office

Develop specified opportunity handling strategy
Customized Office Management System

  • Promo & Publication

Gravcomm Shout Loud (Launching Program)
Gravcomm News Magazine
Radio Talk Show Program

  • District Gravcommers (Branching Program)

District management support
Professionals mentoring session

  • Commercial Bureau

Event organizing
Creative bank ideas
Members priority – for business/ companies events
Facilitate by Gravcommers

  • Community Bureau

Membership departement
Members get members
Invitation on Gravcomm events or occasions
Gravcomm Road Show
Conventional database tracking
Social project involvement

  • Social and Empowerment Bureau


Youth Empowerment Program

Empowering youth segments through Training Center & Workshops. Several of them has been established such as

  • Art & Design Workshops
  • Trading Workshops
  • Library & Education Center
  • Kids Learning (Being prepared)

Tourism, Art & Culture Empowerment Program

Designed to preserve nature and tradition of West Java Arts and Cultures towards development of West Java Tourism Economy. A few of the sub-program to be launched are:

  • Database of preserved and nature traditional arts collecting
  • Packaging system of traditional events

Empowerment synergy between traditional components.

(R Yugian Leonardy)