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Dear Colleague,

We introduce you to the


The Newest Community Concept

Which will offer you a career in humanity.

This might be something new or just a yesterday news, but the Gravcommers believe if u do something positive for human being they will do much more positive things that will impact you in return.

Gravcomm is not the ordinary community clubs which are doing ordinary things but again at the Gravcomm we think about positive things on daily basis. Cause you can not grow positively among the negative community or even you could drown yourself down to the unworthy circumstances.

We are sitting & talk for a long hour about how to develop many empowerment programs for a new concept of society program. Cause only by positive mind we could build a strong and positive society, while others try to compete and fight their problems alone.

This is the time to re-load your mind with positive energy and re-load your strength with power sharing in one comprehensive program of unity in Gravcomm The Newest Community Concept

What and How

These Are The Curriculum For Your Humanities Career


  • Production Material or Supplies Supports

Support the Gravcomm Youth Empowerment Program with material or supplies that might be valuable through the re-touch process from our Workshop or Trading div. or other possible section according to the material or supplies given.

  • Production Costs Minimization

  • Project Financing

Financing the specific amount needed for particular development program according to program priority.

  • Event Donation

You or your company have to hold an event, we can arrange it professionally for you with a great deal.

Wedding Party
Birthday Party
Private Party
Product Launching
Marketing and Promotion Event

  • Services Exchange


Environment And Space Friendly


Fabrics or Production Waste Organizing

When you confuse with your fabric or production waste, we could help you for organizing it periodically.

Meet and talk with our staff about it and we give you a solution.

Old or Unused Equipment re-valuation

Sometimes you can not imagine how is your Old or Unused equipment could affect a great value for other people’s business or development.

Garage and Store Room Cleaning and Re-Arrange Service

There is the time when you look up your garage or store-room, it had no space anymore and full with things that you can not used or even makes you confuse. We help you to organize it and arrange it nicely.

Space Friendly

We really grateful if you could give us permission to use your space in running our program periodically or just one time used which will give us more speed in developing our programs.

Direct Publication And Promotion Enhancement


Power Share Events

Tour De Company

Knowledge could be found everywhere especially by experience in site visit and give a clear explanation on the spot, so you could give a knowledge enhancement to others by giving & spare your time to expain your company.

Job Training at Costs

Giving a chance for others to gain an experience by giving a training staff position that could assist you at any position you need with our professional guilding and mentoring system, so you could get a great help at minimum cost.

Promotion Merchandise Campaign

Merchandise campaign needs number of people in distributing it. We can help you with our human resources to reinforce your program.

Promotion Items/ Sights Exchange


Professional Contributions


Mind and Idea Sharing

We really open and have a positive mind for any improvement ideas that will come from you that will teach us more in helping others.

Experience Sharing

You could give a great contribution only by sharing your valuable experience in your life, which will give others more perspective in facing their life or developing their career and business.

Personal Involvement in Project or Program

If you have time so you could involve directly in our program, project or event. In this case you could reinforce your experience, on the contrary reinforce us with yours.

Link and Networking Contribution

We really need your professional link to develop more programs and you could give your link or network to make our programs run smoothly.

Become our Positivo Member

This is the right position for you if you have a strong belief in positive mind and empowerment. You could join us by registering to be Positivo membership, which will empower you as well.

(R Yugian Leonardy)