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Hospitality Consultant (Training Curriculum)

Nov 9 '15

Hospitality Consultant (Training Curriculum)


To become a project assistant officer

  • Responsible to project manager or coordinator.
  • Able to handle operational project tasks/ duties and administration.
  • Have a specialty for two or more capabilities in individual assignment or as a team member.

To become a project manager

  • Responsible to executive officers/ Director of operational.
  • Able to handle operational and administrative office works in terms individually or as a team member.
  • Strong personal ability in paperworks/ clerical duties.
  • Able to act as public relation for the office property.


Length of Training Sessions       : 4 to 12 weeks

Time & Schedule                        : Applicable


Training Subject

  1. Office Administration
  • File and worksheet management
  • Archive and literature management
  • Inventory and cost control
  1. Office Operation
  • Handling guest and calls
  • Systematical operational design
  • Efficiency and affectivity (cost)
  1. Project Administration
  • Designing project administration system
  • Filling and archive
  • Literature management
  • Project correspondence
  1. Project Operation
  • Project preparation works
  • Link and network management
  • Schedule management
  • Cost controlling
  1. Marketing Awareness
  • Hospitality industry marketing awareness
  • Marketing your consulting fees
  • Packaging your company and client
  • Selling is pricing
  1. Human Relation Skills
  • Characteristics of people
  • Body language and physical emotion (read people)
  • How to talk and being listened (make people heard)
  1. Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Supervisory skills
  • Personal appearance and behavior


(R Yugian Leonardy)

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