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1st Question
What is the center point of the earth?

The Answer

it is CORE
Core is a value, Value is a core Imagine if earth without the core what can be happen to the earth
The crystal zed iron and move in a rotational pattern which can give a simultaneous effect and give the magnetic force around the earth


2nd question
What is the most powerful effect made by the CORE?

The Answer

That crystallized iron (in Gravcomm culture is associated with INTEGRITY) should rotate continuously and give a magnetic forces around the world. That’s what we called Gravity.
That is the powerful force the earth that also affected to all of the human activity and ability.


3rd Question
What is the benefit and positive side if we the powerful force?

The Answer

The answer is (Nothing !!! if we don’t phone it) at the end we are useless if we had a great nature force and we live a land in the earth. So we should share own knowledge, experience for everyone as a person, community, company or country. That what we called “ Objective “ in our comp culture.

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